2011, we installed 300th. Jubilee unit.


Many event & exhibitions were installed with secured enclosures from UNISTAND and iPaddoQ. Our latest type made from Aluminium was introduced on the Retail security event at Utrecht, Holland.

Juli 2010, we welcome iPad.


We had a design made off cardboard.

Customers were delighted and pre-order ipad stands. We had a acryl production facility and started with manufacturing secure enclosures for the Toyota & Lexus car demo event on 6 locations in Holland.


QTR. Quick Tablet Release a special retail solution for fast tablet moving in the shop.

A innovative company for acryl products and tablet enclosures.


1974 was our first production year, we started with the production of chain printerstands and protection covers for Commodore and Atari computers? We invented the mousepath, today a common mousemat. UNISTAND since 1974 our brandname. (YX UNISTAND & iPaddoQ 2012) Acryl and Aluminium productions are today the basic materials for any tablet stand. Stainless steel materials are used for medical and marina services. Special Nylon66 material buttons are used for clean and bacterial sensitive areas. H.P.design. offers these material use.see our UK. dealer, LONDONWEB. with medical Tablet stands.

Tubular videoshop display, Restaurant tablet service display

Our latest display a DRONEBOXX for all drone models, made ondemand

chain printerstand
Event Utrecht

iPad-tablet service

at Toyota Breda



Service, installatie.

van Idee tot ontwerp, modelling, productie, installatie.

We help your company from Idea, design, modelling, manufacturing, part procurement and installation.

Unistand security design for iPad & tablet, made off Aluminium, Acryl & Stainless steel. Company design for desktop & Wall mount, Industrial, Medical, Special, Marina & POS. designs.


H.P.Design. Create & Manufacture enclosure for iPad & tablet.

Design, 877 options


Since 2010 we installed more than 877 company design and brand name units. H.P.Design, was the first iPad, tablet production company in Europe. Due to our experience with acrylic and steel computer suppliers. We are able to design any model in the market for you.



iPad Galaxy Tab


Medical Retail

Apple iPad 1/2/3/4/Air/Mini
Samsung Galay Tab 1/2/N/3/4
iPad 2 with Infinea tab barcode scanner

Juli 2013, Department store introduction.


Product Content Recognition and laws, started a division

of Selfridges in Holland (de Bijenkorf) with secure iPad

enclosure units on his perfume department. 40 UNISTAND

modified secure stands were

installed. Infinea Tab barcode

readers were used to inform the

lady clients about the product

contents inside, price and product

advertising actions.

UNISTAND units were installed.

with key lock and extra tork screws

for maximum security and stability.

Units made of aluminium with a

steel adjustible wall mounted foot.


de Bijenkorf
Toyota Breda
























































































































































Spijkenisse NL. office 1980-1992




Exhibition Harderwijk 1985

no visiters on the fair.

summer 35 degrees


We start a dress compation with

sexhibition stand/boot keepers

1e price me and my mate



1992 Office move to Klundert


Offices Germany and Uk closed. Due to new BTW/VAT/Tax regulations(no need for selling local, internet introduced)

Patent granted proof

1st. price retail concept

"cooling without power"

Catering world magazine













dustcover sticky labels

DISPLAY'S Atari and Amiga monitor stands. patented by H.P.Design printer stand 1985-1991

HANDY-KAP dustcover chain printer silence box HCC event Utrecht 1989


1973 founded a company called Preventive Maintenance Services, changing light tube/bulbs in offices

1977 import/selling computer disk/videotape from Sunkyong/Korea, sold to dawidenko/Noordwijk.

1979 started Tube sales Support selling display's and dustcover. Designed TUBULAR products. Attended the Event of Firato Amsterdam. start of Handy-Kap branches in UK. Germany and Switserland. 1.300.000 pcs. sold


Retail food display/vitrine patented mousepath vertical PC stand UNISTAND chain printer supports



Pro 12.9 inch iPad enclosure

Production - Display's

A-3 / A7 sinds 1980

Handic Plastics Design. Email handicplastics@hetnet.nl

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